Thursday, April 4, 2013


Insanity is a 2 month at home work out DVD program. I have always looked at Insanity's infomercials and wanted to obtain the best body I could have. So I decided to purchase it. Ever since the my body has got better and I have so much more energy. It is the hardest workout ever put on DVD. But I cant stop now I started I think it's insane if you don't try it. I'm on my last week and I'm so excited to finish so I can have my beach body.


  1. I've definitely considered trying the Insanity workout but my schedule is so random and hectic since I'm a working full-time student. Maybe that can be my goal to start this summer!

    1. Its only 45 minutes a day NO EQUIPMENT NEEDED!!! so carry it everywhere you can do it !!!

  2. I did insanity at a friends house and my body was sore for days. kuddos to you for completing it